Rachel Webre, Engineers Without Borders NYC.  Sophia was an excellent presenter at our Engineers without Borders chapter meeting.  She gave us some great insight into how we could be more effective at fundraising within the chapter.  She helped us think more strategically about how we can get more bang for our buck within the realm of public fundraising.  As a volunteer-based organization, we are somewhat limited in terms of resources we can put forth to get corporate or foundation money, and therefore we rely very heavily on our network.  Sophia encouraged us to think more creatively about existing donors and about how to get new donors.  I’m happy to report that we have since implemented some of her strategies and have been on a higher revenue trajectory!

Erin Zaikis, Sundara. Sophia has been the single best help to our organization this year. Investing in her services has paid for itself time and time again. Having her to consult with on important matters any ED faces like fundraising, board development and pitching strategy has given our organization the boost we so desperately needed at year-end. Since working with her we are on track to fundraise over $35k this month alone - more than we've ever fundraised in a month before. Sophia is reliable, easy to talk to and always willing to be honest about what works and what doesn't based on her own 6 years of experience in the non-profit world. She has kept me accountable to the goals I set for myself and her guidance has truly been transformative for myself and Sundara as a whole.

Daniel Szymczyk, HIV League. I am forever grateful for Sophia’s help, and I couldn’t ask for a better individual to guide me throughout the process of starting a nonprofit organization. When I thought I had a solid initial plan on the organizational structure of The HIV League, I went to Sophia to talk about the idea I had.  Immediately, she was not afraid to deliver helpful constructive criticism, yet she made sure to praise and support the ideas she thought were worthwhile to act on.  I continue to approach her whenever I run into major setbacks, and she is always there to listen, talk through possible actions, and suggest solutions that will continue the progress within completing the mission of The HIV League.


Jillian Foster, Continuum. Sophia provides the type of sage advice every social entrepreneur needs. She understands what it takes to bring ideas into action and monetize throughout that process so as to sustain organizations, movements, and social enterprises. Her advice is concrete, her support consistent, and her understanding of the challenges social entrepreneurs navigate real. Sophia has helped me innovate to expand Continuum and grow Global Insight.