starting from the ground up

 I grew my second startup into a six-figure organization from a $500 donation. I built my first startup with absolutely no money, but with the help of some friends, I sold out my first line of products and raised my first $20K.

I had no big donors, no rich friends, or investors initially interested in my startups.
I just had a burning need to actualize my ideas and so, I crowdfunded the living daylights out of them! With very minimal funding, crowdfunding became a powerful tool that allowed me to bootstrap my businesses to operate its first project, its first product line, and gave life to the engine that would drive my startups to full operation.

This is what I want for you. 

Whether you're a startup that's just about to launch, or you're a startup that wants to exceed its goal for its next crowdfunding campaign, I want you to have all the tools you need to hit that $10K mark and beyond. 

the course: crowdfunding your first $10K

There's a common misconception that highly successful crowdfunding campaigns are a result of access to wealthy donors, great press write-ups, and celebrity spokespeople. Although all of these components help, they are definitely not how I raised my first $10K. With over 10 years in the trenches crowdfunding, I've developed a specific step-by-step strategy that my team reuses year after year to hit our $10K+ online fundraising goals. 

I created my online course, Crowdfunding Your First $10K to give you every single strategy, formula, approach, templates, and more that I've use to build my crowdfunding campaigns over the years.

This course is not only stress-tested by me, but by my clients in non-profits and social enterprises from a wide range of industries, so I know that this will work for you. 

what's included in the course

4 Modules that not only teach you all of my strategies when it comes to building, planning, and executing a crowdfunding campaign, but direction to customize these strategies for your own startup. 

Here's what included in each module: 



  • The foundational components you need to support the success of your crowdfunding campaign. 
  • Step-by-step direction on building and improving a strong launchpad that'll convert potential contributors to definite contributions. 
  • The three major aspects every campaign contributor looks for before making a contribution to your campaign, and how you can support their decision towards a "yes". 




  • The secret sauce that catapults a crowdfunding campaign to the $10K mark. 
  • How to divide up your audience so that you activate a winning strategy for your campaign. 
  • My streamlined method that'll save you time and energy during your outreach for campaign support. 




  • How to craft campaign content so that it converts campaign visitors into campaign contributions. 
  • Designing a powerful campaign pitch that attracts action from your campaign visitors. 
  • The common goal setting and campaign timeline mistakes that crowdfunding campaigns often make, but that you can avoid. 
  • How to figure out the fundraising goal your campaign will hit before the campaign even launches. 
  • My top resources and examples on how to build a great crowdfunding campaign. 
  • Step-by-step navigation on implementing these strategies to your startup. 




  • The specific campaign outreach schedule that ensures that your campaign will reach its fundraising goal. 
  • Bonus tips and strategies that $10K+ crowdfunding campaigns know and live by. 
  • Templates and sample emails to provide to your campaign's fundraisers, and to send to potential donors. 



this course is perfect for you if..

  • You're a nonprofit or social enterprise seeking a feasible, low cost method to raise $10K+ for your startup. 
  • You've launched crowdfunding campaigns before, but are looking to raise more money than before. 
  • You want to fast forward your knowledge of launching a successful crowdfunding campaign, and learn all the components you need to achieve launch success. 
  • You're looking for step-by-step guidance to craft and launch your crowdfunding campaign. 
  • You're interested in streamlining your planning, building, cultivation, and launch of your campaign so that it's executed with ease.
  • You're not interested in soliciting as many people as possible for your campaign, and instead, desire consolidating your outreach so that you only engage with individuals who are ready to contribute to your campaign.  
  • You're committed to investing the time and energy needed to transform your startup's crowdfunding capabilities. 

take action

Imagine finally hitting your stride and getting the funding you need to catapult your startup's programs or product reach. This is a course that packages every tried and true strategy I've used to bootstrap my startups to success. I don't ask you to locate your wealthiest donors, or your most well networked friends to help you hit your crowdfunding goals. I give you all the tools to create a successful campaign with little to no resources - just your startup's passionate mission, and the group of supporters who believe in your cause. 

Ready to launch your $10K crowdfunding campaign? 

Here are two ways to get your hands on this course: 


self study track

  • Gain immediate, lifetime access to all 4 modules.
  • Includes 46 pages of self-study material, and guidance to customize each module to your startup. 


  • Get two, 1-hour private sessions with Sophia Sunwoo (Valued at $500). Get all your burning questions and challenges answered and solved. Customize the teachings of the modules with Sophia's insight, knowledge, and feedback to ensure the success of your campaign. The first and last private sessions will be scheduled within 3-4 weeks of each other. 
  • Get 1-month of email support for followup questions after your private sessions. An opportunity to ensure that your campaign's content creation, outreach, and strategies are on track for success. 
  • Gain immediate, lifetime access to all 4 modules.
  • Includes 46 pages of self-study material, and guidance to customize each module to your startup. 









I take pride in the quality of content, and value that my courses provide. If you're ever unsatisfied with the course, your money will be returned to you, guaranteed. Just shoot us an email


Course testimonials

Michelle F. "Every single module from start to finish had information that was easy to understand, relevant, and most importantly, unique from any other fundraising webinar or online material I have ever read. For the first time ever, I was provided with relatable information that I turned into concrete material for our crowdfunding campaign. Using all of Sophia's techniques, our campaign raised $10k in ONE day. Sophia is undoubtedly an expert in crowdfunding. Buy this course and learn from the best!"
Erin Z: "Normally crowdfunding fills me with anxiety, so when I saw Sophia had a course in it, I knew I needed to sign up and learn from her. Our past crowdfunding campaign barely made $3k over a month. We launched a crowdfunding campaign this week for Giving Tuesday and with Sophia's guidance from this course we raised over $10k in a 24 hour period. INCREDIBLE. Her course is invaluable for learning the tricks to hacking crowdfunding - doing what works and skipping what doesn't - and I'd recommend it to anyone who is planning a campaign for their own organization."